Nvidia’s Titan V Graphics Card Costs $3K


At whatever point Nvidia discharges another top of the line illustrations card, you expect a high cost. Thousand-dollar cards are normal, yet Nvidia’s most recent, the Titan V, costs $2,999. As an end-result of an absurd measure of money, Nvidia guarantees you’ll be getting “the most effective illustrations card at any point made for the PC.”

Before choosing not to purchase a GeForce GTX 1080Ti or Titan XP for your gaming apparatus and spending triple the money on a Titan V rather, remember this isn’t a card went into gaming. Of course, you can stick it in your gaming rig and appreciate fabulous execution, yet the Titan V is constructed utilizing Nvidia’s new GPU engineering called Volta. It’s in this manner a card composed as a matter of first importance “to convey AI to each industry.”

The Titan V incorporates six designs preparing bunches, 80 gushing multiprocessors, 5,120 CUDA centers, and 320 surface units. The card’s base time speed is set at 1,200MHz with a Boost Clock of 1,455MHz combined with 12GB of HBM2 RAM running at 850MHz. That means 652.8GB/s of memory transmission capacity, 110 teraflops of a drive, and a 384 GigaTexels/sec surface rate.

To control the card you’ll require no less than a 600-Watt control supply and adequate cooling to manage the warm edge of 91 degrees Celsius. Nvidia gloats that the Titan V appreciates twofold the vitality productivity of the Pascal engineering configuration, which means more execution at similar power levels.


As ExtremeTech calls attention to, the Titan V is a somewhat trimmed down Tesla V100, which was presented not long ago for $10,000 and pointed solidly at the supercomputing and HPC markets. So think about the Titan V as doing likewise work, yet Nvidia pointed it at a substantially bigger gathering of people by offering it available to be purchased like some other designs card.

In the event that your concentration is logical recreation, neural systems, profound learning, or general superior computerized reasoning work, at that point the Titan V is positively justified regardless of a look. Be that as it may, in case you’re intending to fabricate another gaming rig, I’d propose concentrating on the Pascal engineering and top of the line GeForce GTX 1080Ti cards; spare yourself $2,000 to put towards different parts. Or then again on the off chance that you truly need to spend more, look at the Titan XP, which still just costs a large portion of the cost of a Titan V.


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