Nvidia’s Titan V is the most powerful graphics card ever, uses next-gen Volta tech


Nvidia has released another Titan illustrations card which it’s charging as the most intense GPU on the planet. Be that as it may, it’s not gone for gamers, but instead AI and machine learning – with a capably terrifying sticker price to boot at $2,999 (around £2,230, AU$4,000).

Nvidia’s Titan V is the primary ‘purchaser review’ card (i.e. the Titan mark, instead of Tesla) to utilize the organization’s new Volta innovation (the following stage on from Pascal, which controls the current GeForce 10-arrangement cards), and it gloats no under 21.1 billion transistors, conveying a stunning 110 teraflops of registering power.

With new Tensor Cores custom fitted particularly for profound learning, it offers nine times more pinnacle figuring teraflops contrasted with its forerunner, the Titan XP.

As said, this is gone for genuine applications by logical specialists in the fields of AI and elite registering as a rule, with an attention to vitality productivity and additionally control.

Nvidia noticed that Titan V dons a noteworthy update of the spilling multiprocessor at the core of the card, and it’s twice as vitality effective as its Pascal antecedent.

CUDA praise

Altogether, the card has six illustrations handling groups, 80 spilling multiprocessors, 5,120 CUDA centers (contrasted with 3,840 in the compelling Titan XP) and 320 surface units, with a base clock of 1200MHz and lift clock of 1455MHz. The Titan V likewise gloats 12GB of onboard HBM2 memory, with an aggregate memory data transmission of 652.8GB/s. The TDP is 250W.

It’s a major advance forward, and one that we expect will mirror a similarly huge walk to be taken when more reasonable purchaser and gaming-focused on Volta cards hit the market.

Authoritatively the Titan V is viewed as a shopper review GPU, and in fact Nvidia’s first HBM2-prepared ‘buyer’ designs offering, yet clearly, it isn’t gone for your ordinary PC client (on the off chance that anything will provide you some insight about that, it’s the three thousand sticker price).

The new Titan V is accessible from Nvidia now, with a most extreme request of two for every client set up. You get free dispatching, as well, in spite of the fact that that may not exactly assuage the sticker price.


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